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Community Solar is for you if...

• Your home is not suitable for solar due to shading, surface area, or roof conditions.
• Your HOA, Village, or Township is concerned about aesthetics.  
• You're currently a long-term renter.
• Purchasing a system is out of your current budget.

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How is community solar different than traditional rooftop solar?

Illinois recently opened the community solar market, which is very exciting.  When you subscribe to a community solar project, you receive a portion of the energy generated by a larger centralized system.  While a traditional system is installed on your roof or in your yard, a community solar project is deployed on available unused land or large commercial roof space in your area.  A community solar system is owned and operated by a 3rd party investor or utility and a portion of the financial benefits are extended to the subscribers with a reduced electricity rate, typically 10-15% less.