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Well, it’s true and here are the details.

  • Host site must have a large roof surface area or adjacent available land

  • A developer will provide the needed capital to fund the project as well as support the ongoing maintenance needed for system uptime.  

  • The developer will retain the financial benefits from the Federal Tax Credit and Illinois SREC incentives.  

  • In exchange for providing a host site and a long-term investment opportunity for the developer, the client will receive their energy at a reduced rate.

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The Benefits

  • Little to no upfront investment for the host client and limited risk.

  • Reduction in electricity rates for the contracted term.

  • If your organization (school, non-profit, or government agency) is unable to qualify for the 30% Federal Tax Credit, PPA’s can provide much needed financial leverage.

  • Long-term budget control and financial focus to core business operations.

  • Environmental benefits by reducing a large carbon footprint.

  • Marketing opportunities to eco-conscious suppliers and customers.

  • Ability to maintain ownership of systems at the end of the PPA term at little to no cost.