Residential Solar

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One thing is for sure, the price of electricity is trending upwards, typically 3% per year on average.

• Investing in solar early on can provide a fixed price per watt, which eliminates a compounding increase in utility rates.

• Once the system is paid off, you can expect a standard distribution charge from the utility, which is a necessary charge for being grid connected, roughly $15/month

As a homeowner, the resale value of your property shouldn’t be a concern anymore.  

• Please look into this national study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory for a general understanding of how solar property values have worked in other states.

• Could solar differentiate your house on the market when the time comes?               


Solar panels now look like this – Sleek, stylish, and highly efficient

Outside of price, aesthetics is hands down one of the main concerns when it comes to a residential deployment.   

Previously, the only option was the large grid-lined modules which could potentially look like an eye sore.

The market has advanced significantly over the past few years offering all black modules - black back sheets, black frames, and even frameless modules.

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Design is critical for optimal performance

The ilumen design team uses a multitude of resources and processes in order to finalize a proper design

  • Free onsite consultation

  • Remote satellite imagery

  • Traditional and advanced shade assessment tools

  • Several advanced solar software programs to accurately forecast production

Our team works diligently on design revisions to fit the needs of customers, achieve production goals, satisfy local jurisdictions, and maintain a clean, symmetrical design for aesthetics.


Turnkey Solar Solution: We handle everything -  Permit Application, Structural Engineer Stamp, Electrical Equipment and Upgrades, Interconnection and Net Metering Agreement, Registration for Illinois SREC Incentives, and setting up Remote Monitoring.  

Financial Benefits you can qualify for:

• 30% Federal Tax Credit through 2019
• 35-40% Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SREC’s) Rebates from the new Illinois Future Energy Jobs Act Legislation
• Increased property value
• Close to $0 Electricity Bill

Return on Investment: Typical residential return on investment is 4-6 years depending on the design, components, and production.

Environmental Benefits:  An over abundant amount of satisfaction knowing your source of electricity is clean, renewable, and free from carbon emissions.